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Red Rocks Credit UnionJul 1, 20242 min read

Shredding and E-Recycling Event

Join us on Saturday, July 20th at Red Rocks Credit Union for Member Appreciation. 

Event Details

Red Rocks Credit Union is hosting a Member Appreciation Event including FREE* shred and electronic recycling on Saturday, July 20th from 9am to Noon at our Town Center Branch in Highlands Ranch.

The event will feature on-site shredding and electronic recycling services provided by Red Rocks Credit Union and Data Destruction.

Participants can bring their confidential documents and old electronic devices for secure shredding and environmentally friendly recycling. In addition to the shredding and recycling services, there will also be a snack food truck available for refreshments. Don't miss this opportunity to safely dispose of your sensitive documents and electronic waste while enjoying some delicious snacks and entering to win some local prizes!

Please note before attending  - 

  • Shredding services will be available until the truck reaches its capacity. 
  • Limit of two boxes per car.
  • Please remember to take your boxes with you as they cannot be left at the event site.
  • This event is for residential shredding only, no commercial shredding will be accepted.
  • NO plastic, aluminum, cardboard, electronics, magazines, catalogs, books, or telephone books will be accepted. NO metal bigger than a staple or paperclips. 

Tips on when to shred items - 

Accepted Items

Paper Shredding (on-site)

  • Please bring any old bank statements, check registers, receipts, or other documents containing personal information for secure shredding at no cost*.
  • We kindly request that you limit your shredding to 2 boxes or less. If you have more than this, please reach out to us so we can accommodate your needs efficiently. Red Rocks Members with more than two boxes are encouraged to notify us in advance for personalized assistance.

Electronic Recycling

We gladly accept a wide range of small electronic devices that you may have in your home, such as old tablets, computers, phones, wires, and stereos. Some additional electronics may be accepted for a small on-site fee - Red Rocks CU will not cover the additional fees below; individuals donating electronic devices for recycling are responsible for paying it if they opt for this service. Please refer to the restrictions listed below for more details. 

  • TVs/ CRT Monitors Under 48” = $40 each 
  • TVs Over 48” = $ 75 each
  • Console/Projection TVs = $100 each
  • No Light Bulbs
  • No Appliances

To learn more about Data Destruction our partner in the shred event, visit their site, here. 

*While Data Destruction's site is a trusted source, please note that their services are subject to their terms and conditions. All shredding and recycling services provided at the event are at Red Rocks Credit Union's sole discretion. We may limit the amount of shredding per person to ensure efficient service and prevent trucks from filling up quickly.