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Red Rocks Credit UnionJul 23, 20212 min read

Meet Courtny, Branch Manager

Meet Courtny, Branch Manager

Tell us about yourself – your career/time at RRCU so far. 

I’ve been with Red Rocks since early 2018, with a year-long break where I stayed home with my daughter. I started as a Teller and quickly progressed to a Universal Banker (MJC3), processing new accounts, consumer and residential loan apps and audits. When I returned from my break, I was a Call Center Supervisor and shortly after my return, transitioned into my current role of Branch Manager. 

What do you enjoy most about working at RRCU and why?

My favorite things about working at Red Rocks are my manager, my team I get to work with every day, and our members. To have a manager that you genuinely like is invaluable. I feel empowered and valued. Having a quality manager means that I’m provided a safe space to share big ideas and the confidence to see them through. My manager ensures that I know that I’m a valuable and important part of our organization. And my team – oh man. I love them! My team is a group of capable, kind intelligent people who each bring a different strength to the table. We laugh all the time, and we like being together. Our connection is bigger and deeper than “co-workers”, we’re like a little community. I look forward to coming to work every day because of the people I get to spend my day with. I think an easy assumption would be that retail banking is cold and impersonal, but we provide the opposite experience for our members. We know their name when they walk in the door. We pick up the conversation right where we left off during their last visit to the branch. We follow through for them and go the extra mile to make sure we provide superior service.

What do you think of our company values? How do you see them in action? 

Our values are a form of accountability to ensure we keep the member at the top of our priority list. Each department and each person at RRCU play a part in providing a positive member experience. Sharing the same values and adhering to them with intention results in the best member experience we can provide. 

How does RRCU empower you to make an impact? Tell us about a time when you helped a member and what was the impact on them?

I received a frantic phone call from a member who was out of state. She was selling her home and urgently needed some documentation to move forward and needed it yesterday. This member was near tears out of shear frustration and panic to meet her next-day deadline. My calm reaction, empathetic response and quick turn-around time totally de-escalated her from a state of distress to a state of peace. I was able to get her exactly what she needed within the hour, but I also actioned that solution from a place of caring and sincere concern for another human.