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Red Rocks Credit UnionAug 4, 20222 min read

Ways to Save on Back to School

Ways to Save on Back to School

With back-to-school spending averaging more than $500 per student, we’re sure you’re looking for all the ways you can save on back-to-school expenses. Fortunately, there are easy ways to cut costs and still get everything you and your students need for a successful start to the new school year. Here are some of our top tips.

Shop your home first
Before leaving home or jumping online, look around the house for things you already have. You might be surprised at how many unused spiral notebooks, pocket folders, highlighters, and pens you have tucked away. Have your students go through and try on clothes before assuming nothing still fits after a long, hot summer.

Using the supply list provided by your school and a list of additional needs such as clothes, shoes, and backpacks, estimate your costs and determine how you can cover those costs. Keep in mind that Red Rocks has low-interest loans that offer a more affordable alternative to credit cards for covering back-to-school expenses.

Stock up or spread out
If overall price is your main concern, take advantage of lower prices on school supplies, clothes, and tech gear – and save even more on items available for bulk purchase. If keeping your upfront cost low is your main concern, buy only what you’ll need for the next two months. For example, if you don’t need science supplies until the spring, just wait!

Comparison shop
Before heading out to the shops, check local ads and online deals – and as long as it doesn’t have you driving all over town, be prepared to stop at multiple shops to save. Locally in Highlands Ranch, you’ll be able to find back-to-school bargains. For example:

  • Bed Bath & Beyond is offering 20% off and 3x rewards points on every purchase plus a lot of other great deals for college-bound students
  • Office Max has slashed prices up to 60% on their best-selling school supplies
  • Target can get you ready for school with supplies marked down to as little as 25₵, along with many other sale prices.

You’ll also find great deals on tech this time of year, so check out some of the best finds rounded up by Tom’s Guide. The Passionate Penny Pincher also has a collection of some of the best back-to-school deals around, including a printable cheat sheet.

Resist impulse buys
As much as you can, stick to your shopping list. Retailers are experts at getting you to load up your cart with things you never intended to buy, but it’s ok to just say “no,” at least for now.

Remember that many other families in our neighborhood are facing the same challenges. Use the power of social media to share what you have and no longer need – and to inspire others to do the same. A clothing swap can help you purge your closets of outgrown clothes while building a new wardrobe for the school year – for free.